Control Valves


The C-Valves piston actuated valve and pilot base plate are precision engineered for working together to deliver optimum performance. Size range from DN 50/2" to DN 400/16". Parallel configurations available.

  • M1 Valve DN 100/4" to DN 400/16"
  • M3 Valve DN 50/2" to DN 80/16"
  • B-Parallel DN150/6" to DN200/8"

Pressure Reducing Valves: C-Valves Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) maintain a reduced but steady and fixed downstream pressure independent of upstream pressure or flow.

Pressure Sustaining Valves: C-Valves Pressure Sustaining Valves (PSV) maintain steady and fixed upstream pressure independent of downstream pressure or flow.

Pressure Flow Regulation: The Pressure Flow Regulator (PFR) adjusts downstream pressure relative to demand. The PFR modulates a C-Valves Pressure Reducing Valve using a hydraulic feedback loop.

Quick Surge Relief: Sudden shut-off of a pump can create a high-pressure surge on the line, due to the ensuring pressure drop in the line. A high-pressure, high speed surge wave of returning water can impact the closed pump check valve with potentially damaging effect. Surge Anticipating Valves eliminate this danger by immediately reacting to pressure drops and opening before the return surge arrives, eliminating its impact on the system.

Burst Control Valves: Water systems are vulnarable to bursts, whether due to hydraulic conditions,topography or external mechanical damage. Burst Control Valves isolate the damage zone until manually reset, minimizing water wastage, and other possible damages.