About Us

For over 10 years TEKSU, which has started in business with supplying of equipment such as pressure regulating control valves, flow meters, data loggers, electronic BKV controllers and system installations such as CBS applications, SCADA, hydraulic modelling particularly in urban and industrial water management, provides service as an ambitious company as a first in Turkey with its staff expert in “Control Of Water Losses”, knowledge and experience background and references gained with technological innovations presented to the industry.

Until it attained its place in the industry, TEKSU has conducted studies especially on locating leak points using sensor technologies and still continues these activities. TEKSU has provided Water and Sewerage Administrations in Turkey with a technology which enables detecting leaks via satellite images taken from space. Water amounts lost by leaking through pipes can be quickly reduced thanks to the technologies we applied for controlling water losses, and this enables quick savings from water production costs and indirectly contributes to lower tens of million TL investment costs.

Leaks in transmission (distributions) lines must be responded without waiting for them increase to amounts that can cause bursts. A 2 mm diameter hole in a transmission line causes a leakage which may probably be equal to the amount of a 5-10 mm diameter hole in a distribution line can cause. As a first in Turkey, many unknown leaks and leakage points in operation are detected and losses are reduced via the application of SmartBall technology in a 2200 mm diameter Pre-Stressed Concrete line.

Applying electromagnetic technologies, TEKSU carries out situation assessments in a short time in tens of kilometers transmission lines with a diameter of 300 mm and larger by dewatering the lines; in Pre-Stressed Concrete lines by detecting the number of broken reinforcements; and in steel lines by identifying the corrosion amounts. We also provide water administrations with remedial technologies in cases where dewatering of the line is not applicable.

“Regulation on Controlling the Water Losses in Potable Water Supply and Distribution Systems” published by Ministry Of Forestry And Water Affairs in official gazette dated 8 March 2014 and numbered 28994, which is introduced to our country with great efforts of Directorate General for Water Management is one of the biggest steps in water management in Turkey. The regulation and its attachment aims at redressing the water balance, identifying the water loss components by creating a water balance table and then making investments in order to eliminate the most troubled component by performing cost analyses as stated in communiques. Water balance must be created with very painstaking works of knowledgeable and experienced engineers and statisticians.

In order to create the water balance table, accurate measurements must be made, and for this the right equipment and data collection methods must be chosen. When collecting data, first SCADA systems must be installed during the water production stage and then controllable isolated measurement areas must be created in the distribution system. Again in this stage teams with an extensive engineering and water management knowledge and experience is needed; otherwise made investments can lead to big losses in middle and long terms. TEKSU, as per the regulation prepared by Directorate General for Water Management, provides service to Water and Sewerage Administrations and Municipalities during exact and correct management of these steps with its experienced staff and year’s knowledge.