Hydrophone Sensors

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Hydrophone sensors are used to improve performance on traditionally difficult leak detection situations such as on plastic and larger diameter pipelines. They can be used with HWM Palmer correlators including MicroCorr Digital DX, DigiCall, MicroCall+ and MicroCorr Touch.

The sensor unit connects to 'wet' fittings that allow access through into the water column; for example, hydrants, washouts or meter points. The hydrophone sensor itself is an extremely sensitive marine sensor which listens in the water column. Typically leak noise travels at greater distances through the water inside the pipe, than through the pipe wall and fittings. Low frequency noise also travels best; hydrophone sensors are particularly sensitive to this low frequency noise.

The hydrophone sensor kit includes a range of adapters to easily connect to many fittings. There are specific adapters for connection to hydrants and 'Atplas' type meter box access.

The hydrophone is designed for deployment on site, a locking ring locks the adapter in place, and a bleed valve is operated to remove air from the sensor chamber to ensure the best quality sound. The unit is tightened in place with a standard valve key.