Water Loss Control In Drinking Water Supply Systems

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Real Loss Component Analysis

A component analysis breaks down volume of water loss into meaningful categories that help making smarter decisions about how to recover it.

Economic Level of Leakage Analysis

Water loss is expensive, but water loss control also costs money. We as TEKSU can help you find a cost-effective balance, the economic level of leakage, where your total costs are minimized. We can then support you in scheduling and executing water loss interventions.

Leak Detection

We’ve surveyed in dozens of systems using acoustic leak detection equipment. Our expert team finds hidden leaks so you can deliver water to customers instead of losing it to leakage. We’ll also help you estimate savings and contextualize your leak detection results using your water audit and infrastructure characteristics.

District Metered Areas

We can set up discrete, metered zones in your system so you know where your infrastructure is leaking, how much you’re losing, and if the losses are worsening. With zonal monitoring, you can deploy leak detection crews right away and to the right place when new leaks start.

Pressure Management

Excessive pressures cause more main breaks, more leakage, and more frequent pipe replacement. Fortunately, we can help you balance service and infrastructure pressure needs. We start by surveying pressures in the field to collect real data on the state of your pressures, particularly when it comes to pressure transients. We can then identify regulating infrastructure that isn’t working ideally, areas that are over-pressurized, and your average system pressure for use in the water audit.