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Intelligens Flow Waste Water Flow Monitoring Intelligens Flow Waste Water Flow Monitoring
Intelligens Flow Waste Water Flow Monitoring

Intelligens Flow Waste Water Flow Monitoring

Flow Monitoring System

Intelligens Flow is a flow monitoring system designed for use in waste water applications.

At its heart is a an Intelligens data logger, which interfaces with a Doppler-eff ect sensor that measures the flow velocity using an ultrasonic pulse that refl ects off particles & bubbles in the liquid. In order to generate level information, a piezo resistive probe is fitted, including a desiccant tube to maintain proper sensor function.

Non - contact level measurement can be achieved using a SonicSens ultrasonic sensor. Software within the unit can automatically convert level information to flow. Additional sensors can also be added depending on the nature of the application.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    • Optimised for Flow: Unit can be used for short and long term fl ow surveys.
    • Safe for use in explosive environments: Intrinsically safe ATEX/IEC Ex Zone 0.
    • Remote communications: Data transmitted using GPRS & 3G telemetry(optional).
    • Flexible sensor integration: Core Intelligens logger is compatible with a wide variety of sensors & inputs.
    • Online data delivery and viewing: Compatible with DataGate and HWM-Online.
    • Intelligent: Unit comes with advanced data logging & alarm regimes.
    • Long term monitoring: 5+ years' logger & external sensor battery life.
    • Fully waterproof: Unit is rated IP68, making it fully immune to water immersion.
    • System diagnostics: Relays signal strength, temperature & battery level for deployment & maintenance.
    • Easy maintenance: User replaceable SIM and battery, along with notifi cations of system health. (Non-ATEX applications only).
    • Anti-corrosion: Unit is not susceptible to corrosion, including its communications antenna.
    • Additional sensor capability: Intelligens fl ow also compatible with fl oat and level sensors.
    • Robust design: Stainless steel chassis protects and improves the handling of the unit during installation.
    • Enhanced sensor reliability: Purpose designed breather tube for pressure sensors, with replaceable desiccant.

    Key Features and Benefits
  • Applications

    Intelligens fl ow is designed to measure fl ow in part-fi lled pipes and open channels. This capability makes it the accepted technology for fl ow measurement in many sewer and drainage applications.

    At the heart of the Intelligens logger unit design is the versatility to attach additional sensors such as level, water quality and other parameters.