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Dedicated software for pressure control

PressView software is a dedicated web based platform for managing Pegasus+ Pressure Controllers.

Using a simple login with unique customer details, PressView opens into a “fleet” mapping view of all Pegasus+ installations. Critical point pressure loggers can be associated to an individual site for zonal pressure management operation and self-learning closed loop control. Quick clicking on the location map pulls up instant information regarding the Pegasus+ installation and current settings.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    • Remote operation: Remotely control PRV
    • Remote monitoring: Remotely monitor PRV controllersand also pressure at multiple critical points
    • Automatic pressure reducing valve operation: Based on ‘learned’ characteristics of the water network
    • Specific control profiles: For extraordinary events
    • Failsafe: Fixed pressure failsafe
    • Optimally controlled: Allows water pressure to beoptimally controlled to minimise leakage whilst assuringthat correct delivery pressures are maintained
    • Map view: Ability to view the control zones on a map
    • Time based: Ability to control PRV controllersin a time based learning mode wherethere is no flow meter at the PRV
    • Compatible: With existing CP Loggers

    Key Features and Benefits
  • Applications

    Data can be graphed showing inlet, outlet and critical point pressures along with fl ows in any Pressure Managed Zone (PMZ). Display units can be changed depending on customer requirement, with full zoom and pan features.

    The PRV Control page enables the user to “remotely” change the Pegasus+ operation or table settings. The controller can be changed to fixed outlet, time, flow, time & flow, learning or closed-loop mode.

    Multiple alarms can be confi gured remotely with threshold and profi le options. The Alarms page shows installations with faults or threshold breaches for routine maintenance activity.