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Hot-tap Equipment Hot-tap Equipment
Hot-tap Equipment
Hot-tap Equipment

Hot-tap Equipment

Hottap equipment is designed for branch connections in live and pressurized pipelines without interrupting the flow in water distribution networks.

Drilling machines can be placed without interrupting the water flow in order to use insertion type flow meter or make branch connection by using Hottap equipment. It is supplied with the cutters suitable for all the materials as steel, cast iron and ductile, cement/asbestos and PE.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    Steel construction protected by double zinc coating.

    It ensures proper connection without forming burrs and providing homogeneous cutting during drilling, thus preventing possible water leaks in the long term.

    Operating by ratched brace or by pneumatic or hydraulic motor supplied as accessory.

    O-ring seals to avoid any leakage during drilling and valve plugging.

    Bleed valves on all interchangeable fittings to balance the internal pressure and pipe pressure and to discharge the dirty water from the pipe to be cut out.

    Automatic drilling pressure control by adjustable spring.

    The telescopic body allows to set the machine to all the possible application.

    It is developed based on double feed rate: fast and slow.

    Working pressure up to 25 bar.

    Key Features and Benefits