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Incident Logger Data Logger Incident Logger Data Logger
Incident Logger Data Logger

Incident Logger Data Logger

HWM’s Incident datalogger, based upon the proven LX2 design is a highly versatile data collection device for when large amounts of data are required in a short time scale.

Using a GPS module and quick start design, the incident logger can be rapidly deployed without the need for software and PC cables to generate site specific data in moments, allowing for targeted work in the affected area.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    • Automatic location: In-built GPS module automatically generates location data.
    • Quick start: Simply swipe or connect an external battery to begin data collection.
    • Pulse interval timing: smooths reading set times of infrequent pulses e.g. minimum night flow.
    • Low cost: Frequent transmission at low cost. Up to 2 x digital flow inputs and 1 x analogue input (internal pressure, external pressure or 4-20ma).
    • Flexible: Optional 25Hz & window logging.
    • Fast logging: Logging to 1 second – as standard.
    • Multiple recordings: Can record mixture of min, max, average or spot values in each sample interval.
    • Detailed readings: True max and min flow and investigation of pressure spikes as standard.
    • Serial input: For connection to digital meter, SonicSens level sensor, P+ leak noise logger and Modbus sensors.
    • Long term monitoring: 5-year battery life.
    • Internal and external antenna: Options to optimise signal.
    • Fully waterproof: The IP68 rating has been tested at 10m depth over a 24-hour period.

    Key Features and Benefits
  • Applications

    Designed to fit inside very shallow atplas box or hydrant installation, the logger is ideal rapid deployment, no software or PC cable required to install.

    Quick installation with automatic GPS ref, zero pressure transducer and signal strength test. No operator skill or PC software required for deployment or retrieval.

    Data viewed via HWMOnline instantly, ideal for Incident Control Rooms to see exactly what is happening on the network quickly especially in an incident response. Loggers can have an external battery for fast dial in communications.