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M3 Series M3 Series
M3 Series

M3 Series


    The M3 Linear Flow, Linear Control (LFLC) piston valve features dual control chambers.

    The piston is mounted in a special volute with control action parallel to the flow.

    The M3 valve is manufactured from light-weight, durable, precision-molded Nylon12 GR (50% glass fiber). A polypropylene valve is available to meet special fluid requirements.

    • Closed Position:
      Control pressure applied to the closing chamber, on both the front and back pistons, creates sufficient thrust to overcome the upstream pressure applied to the actuator, closing the valve.
    • Open Position:
      Venting the closing control chamber while upstream pressure is applied to the actuator creates a force that opens the valve.
    • Modulating:
      Control is applied by either venting or supplying fluid to the closed control chamber, providing a drive which enables the actuator to adjust to the required position, maintaining the preset parameter.

    The M3 Series supports:
    • DN50 – DN80
    • DN80 in a Multi-Valve application: a manifold with two valves controlled by one pilot.
    • Adjustable inlets and outlets for different pipe diameters with various connections to line.