DataGate Remote Data Management

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DataGate is HWM’s web hosted data serverthat provides a fast, convenient and secureremote data management solution via theinternet. Information can be received from all mobile networks via several diff erent methods including FTP, VMN and modem.

DataGate currently processes over 1.7 million messages received from HWM telemetry devices every day. This rapid transmission is possible because data is sent in a fi le format which is converted to a secure data stream. This eliminates the problem of sending data as an email which can be blocked by IT fi rewalls and spam fi lters. No host modem is required, which is another weak point of a traditional remote handling system as all data transfer now takes online.


  • Manage large data volumes quickly: Designed to handle large volumes of SMS/GPRS data traffic
  • Compatible: Works on all mobile networks
  • Fast data transmission: Enables rapid data transmission
  • Eliminates data blockages: Caused by IT fi rewalls and SPAM filters.
  • No host modem: No modem required to receive data.
  • Secure Servers: Data can be archived indefi nitely on secure servers
  • Detailed message transmission: To enable diagnostic investigation if required
  • Logger alarms: Automatically sent to multiple users to enable prompt action
  • Data accepted from multiple sources: FTP, VMN and modem
  • Data can be viewed online: HWM Online or other corporate system
  • DataGate LS: Option for customers outside the UK to transmit data to a data server in their own country
  • Real time data: 99.99% uptime and real time data back



Data can be viewed in graphical or table format from any internet enabled device using our web viewer HWM Online or seamlessly integrated into a third party corporate system.

On receipt of an alarm DataGate can send automatic alerts to multiple users to enable action to be taken promptly. The system will even store data from loggers it does not recognise, and then add this information to the logger’s history when it is registered on the system. Multiple accounts can be set up and confi gured to ensure that users only see data from the specifi c loggers they require.