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Athenea Chlorine Analyser Athenea Chlorine Analyser
Athenea Chlorine Analyser

Athenea Chlorine Analyser

Athenea is an autonomous chlorine analyser for the Water Distribution network. It provides regular continuous monitoring and sends automatically via GSM telemetry, thereby reducing the need for time consuming and costly on site “spot” testing.

The device is developed for monitoring water quality in distribution networks of drinking water. It has been designed to work in confined spaces and battery operated.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    • Telemetry data: Consists of a logger with a GSM/GPRSintegrated modem and a set of internal batteries
    • Electrode holder and sensors: Free chlorine sensor, pHelectrode, temperature, conductivity (optional) sensors androtational flow detector placed in an electrode holder
    • Supply module: Lithium batteries inside plastic capsules
    • Easy to use software: Lithium batteries inside plasticcapsules
    • Communication cable: Cable with military connector atone end and a RS485 converter to a RS232 at the otherend
    • Robust design: The Athenea is durable and come ina robust carry case.
    • Long term monitoring: Approximatebattery life of 4 - 5 years (data logging section)


      Athenea is easy-to-use and solid device with IP68 protection whose assembly can be carried out both inside a manhole and in an exterior cabinet.

      The wall based analyser works with external non rechargeable lithium batteries with a maximum voltage of 12 VDC.

      The portable unit has rechargeable sealed lead batteries inside. These batteries can be recharged with the supplied adaptor. The data logging section has internal lithium batteries and have a life of approximately 4-5 years.

      Key Features and Benefits