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SMARTlog Data Logger SMARTlog Data Logger
SMARTlog Data Logger

SMARTlog Data Logger

SMARTlog is an innovative and feature rich data logger designed specifi cally for the water industry. It is capable of reading the meter,detecting leakage, backflow and tamper events.

Designed with commercial logging, AMR and leak detection in mind, SMARTlog can store data at customer specifi ed intervals to suit specifi c applications; typically, between 5 - 30 minutes. Once deployed, SMARTlog allows users to remotely acquire the logged consumption and leakage data via radio negating the need to physically access the meter. The SMARTlog is health and safety conscious as well as time and cost efficient.

  • Key Features and Benefits

    • Quick installation: Unit is easy to install.
    • Large Memory: 32,768internal memory slots.
    • Flexible alarm modes: Tamper, Backfl ow, Low Battery alarms.
    • Supports existing systems: Works with sophisticated tariff models.
    • Versatile: Can be used forCommercial Logging
    • Long term monitoring: 5 yearbattery life as standard
    • Flexible interface: Unit be fi ttedto all pulse output meters
    • Remote Download: Can be wirelesslydownloaded from a vehicle

    Key Features and Benefits
  • Applications

    In operation, the SMARTlog accumulates and stores the pulses from a meter or turbine and transmits this information at 2 second intervals to enable rapid drive by download speeds.

    Data download is fast and effi cient. A one month profi le can be wirelessly downloaded in seconds, thereby signifi cantly reducing the “per meter cost” of meter reading and eff ectively removing the need for estimated bills forever.