Ultrasonic Level Dataloggers

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SonicSens 3 is an intrinsically safe level sensor developed for use in multiple applications, including sewer level monitoring.

Through the use of ultrasonic technology, SonicSens 3 avoids contact with its environment, reducing contamination and lowering maintenance requirements.

Compatible with multiple HWM telemetry data loggers, SonicSens 3 is the ideal solution for remote and challenging installations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Intelligent sensor: compatible with HWM telemetry data loggers, benefitting from the latest alarm, reporting and dial-in features
  • Dependable: the logger will send an alarm if measurements are not possible
  • Flexible range: two variants available covering ranges of 200mm-6m and 300mm-10m
  • Long battery life: 5 years at 15 minute sample rate
  • Simple installation: multiple pre-set options in software, including automatic level/flow conversion
  • Fully waterproof: unit is rated IP68
  • Power options: unit powered by logger, external battery pack available to extend system life and support more frequent call-in
  • Unwanted echo filter: logger can be set up via desktop IDT software to ignore unwanted echoes such as ladder rungs, supporting deployment in challenging installation sites
  • Certification: certified for use in Zone 0 hazardous areas: Intertek ITS19ATEX205070X & IECEx ITS 19.0030X Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (-20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +60°C)


The sensor capabilities of the SonicSens 3 makes it the ideal sensor in many different applications, including.

  • CSO monitoring
  • Incident prevention, blockage monitoring
  • Reservoir levels
  • Combined with velocity sensor for flow monitoring
  • Level to flow conversion for flumes and weirs

Deployment of SonicSens 3 on complex sites is made possible by the advanced 'unwanted echo' filtering capabilities as well as flexible battery options that extend life and inrease dial-in.