SaisanketSaisanket mission since 1995 has been to design and manufacture innovative technology that provides precise control of water systems for Public Waterworks and Industrial applications. The result of this effort is the most significant development in the design of control valves in 50 years.

Saisanket control valves provide highly reliable & sustained long-term performance. Saisanket built-in safety characteristics assist potential customers to meet regulatory requirements and confront environmental challenges, while conserving precious natural resources.

Saisanket – Innovative Piston Valve Provides Precision Control

Saisanket unique design provides a wide range of solutions to complex water management problems. Combining its inherent advantages in fluid dynamics, mechanical strength and superior control with inventive configurations,

Saisanket enjoys a proven track record in providing added value and stability at installations across the globe.
  • Waterworks – distribution networks, leakage & burst reduction, pressure reducing sustaining, dynamic pressure management for both urban & rural environments.
  • Industrial Water – power generation, food & beverage plants & other water dependent facilities.
  • Mining Operations – fluid regulation, providing precise control & operational safety to the highest standards.
  • Desalination Plants – corrosion proof Saisanket are naturally suited to control sea water, brackish water & brine.
  • Water Treatment Plants – waste water and potable water treatment plants.
  • Irrigation Systems – agricultural projects, municipal and commercial gardening.