HWMHWM designs and manufactures monitoring and telemetry equipment for water, wastewater and gas networks, together with telemetry AMR and facilities optimisation products.

HWM's primary focus for over 30 years has been clean water and network distribution system monitoring, however in the last few years HWM has expanded into new sectors which include gas, water and electricity meter consumption, gas network monitoring and sewer, river and flood monitoring. HWM's solutions have had a significant impact in helping water utilities save time, effort, natural resources, energy and cost.

HWM Product Range

Water Network Monitoring - Flow, pressure, and other parameters, battery powered telemetry monitoring, pressure control and leak detection

Waste Water Monitoring - Level, flow, and other parameters monitoring via Intrinsically Safe (ATEX) rated battery-powered telemetry

Gas Network Monitoring - Network monitoring, Regulation station monitoring, flow monitoring via Intrinsically Safe (ATEX) rated battery-powered telemetry

Automatic Meter Reading - Water, Gas, Electricity

Facilities Optimisation - Energy monitoring, Building performance, Temperature, Humidity, CO2 Legionella compliance, lab facilities monitoring

HWM incorporates the successful product ranges of Palmer, Radcom and Radio-Tech to produce some of the world's most advanced, accurate and easy to use wireless monitoring and measuring equipment.