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Water Management from Source to Tap

Water management refers to the whole travel of water from its source to the tap and to the public.

TEKSU's core business is residential and industrial water management. In this scope, TEKSU supply equipment such as water control valves, flowmeters, dataloggers and PRV controllers. TEKSU provides services as GIS applications, system installation such as SCADA, hydraulic modelling, Integrated Water Management with its expert staff, knowledge and experience background and references gained with technological innovations presented to the industry.

Water management increases in importance these days which is reaching clean water is getting harder. A system that prevents losses, workmanship and pipe selection plays a critical role in water management, which should be considered as a whole from source to tap. Efforts to prevent losses in oil and gas lines are now a requirement in water lines.

"Regulation on Controlling the Water Losses in Potable Water Supply and Distribution Systems" is one of the greatest steps with regard water management in Turkey. The regulation aims at redressing the water balance, identifying the water loss components. Managing this process has a great importance. Water balance must be created with very painstaking works of knowledgeable and experienced engineers and statisticians. Within this period, accurate measurements must be made with right equipment and right data collection methods. When collecting data, first SCADA systems must be installed during the water production stage and then controllable isolated measurement areas must be created in the distribution system. In this stage, teams with an extensive engineering and water management knowledge and experience is needed. TEKSU ensures management of these stages properly in accordance with the regulation with its experienced staff and with years of experience.