Suspension Bridges

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SoundPrint® is a patented innovative monitoring technology that can detect and locate failures in high-strength steel wire, strand or cable through continuous, non-intrusive remote monitoring.

The main cables and suspender ropes of suspension bridges are often subjected to aggressive environments. Hidden corrosion of the wires leads to reduction in structural safety. SoundPrint provides complete, continuous surveillance of cable components on suspension bridges so that areas of active corrosion can be pinpointed.

Through the SoundPrint website, clients can now access data from their structures directly. Using the intuitive interface, managers can custom design their own reports, generated in real time. Acoustic events can be examined and replayed in real audio format, and presentation-quality reports for multiple sites can be viewed and printed.

Using our powerful and versatile GIS-based Management Interface, information from other instrumentation systems can also be integrated into the SoundPrint acquisition and processing system. Information from entire infrastructure management networks can be viewed on the client’s custom website. This provides managers with desktop access to a single-source, reliable service for all instrumentation requirements, providing information where it's needed, when it’s needed.

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