Senator + Satellite Data Logger

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The Senator+ satellite system from HWM is the latest development for collecting data from remote locations where there is no PSTN/GSM coverage.

It features a multi-channel data logger which can be supplied with up to nine inputs for monitoring up to 4 digital, 4 analogues and 1 serial signal.

Senator+ is ideal for use in remote locations without mains electrical power or mobile phone coverage, where multiple channel logging is required.

The logger is completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered and will require no maintenance for at least five years.

The system features a solar panel which enables the satellite modem to transmit data without the need for regular site visits. The logger also has user programmable alarm systems and interfaces with powerful Radwin software to provide detailed analysis.


  • Reservoirs/ Treatment Works/ Pumping Stations
    Ideal for monitoring flow, pressure, level and or water quality parameters to assess performance of remote assets.
  • Open Channel Flow or Level Monitoring
    When used with SonicSens the system can monitor liquid level in rivers and open channels, including many overflow applications.