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The Multi-Valve is a modular assembly including between two and six M1-PN20 valves mounted on a hydrodynamic manifold. The Multi-Valve enables control of relatively high flows. A single command base plate and 3-way pilot control the assembly. All C-Valves applications are available. Optional butterfly valves installed as partition valves enable maintenance without break to the water supply.

Several Multi-Valves can be installed in parallel to handle very high flow rates.


  • The Multi-Valve provides full redundancy with continuous water flow, even during maintenance operations. For very high flow rates, install several Multi-Valves in parallel.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Perform maintenance without halting water flow. (Individual valves can be separately removed for maintenance or replacement.
  • Built-in redundancy reduces the risk of water system failure.
  • In the event of a fault, isolate the faulty unit and the water system continues to supply water to customers. Repair is less urgent.
  • Reduced capital costs – no need for bypass.
  • Stock fewer replacement parts (parts are required only for 6" valves).
  • Modular -- start with a minimum configuration and add units as needed.
  • Redundancy, reliability
  • Optional butterfly valves, installed as partitions, enable redundancy for maintenance during ongoing operation without halting the water supply.
  • Scalability for very high flow rates
  • Install several Multi-Valves in parallel to handle very high flow rates.
  • Easy installation
  • Quick on-site installation. Lightweight for ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Maintains stable line pressure.
  • Protects pump from return line pressure.
  • Protects against pump overload and cavitation.
  • Prevents pipeline discharge.


  • Pressure zones control.
  • Ensures pump minimum flow POV.
  • Ensures controlled pipeline filling.
  • Maintains operating pressure for pressure vessels when discharge is to the atmosphere.