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ARIavCAD 2017, a software program for the sizing and location of air valves

A.R.I. has developed a program, which will assist engineers in selecting the most important locations to place their air valves on the pipeline. In addition, it will also specify which model in the A.R.I.series will best suit the applications as well as the most appropriate sizing.

The program, known as ARIavCAD is user friendly and simple to understand and is designed so that the end user can clearly and rapidly define his needs as far as air valves on the pipeline is concerned. This ARIavCAD software contains many refinements and improvements, and provides an analysis for air valve sizing and location for most applications. Additionally, the software can be used in conjunction with applications, such as AutoCAD and Microsoft Excel.

With the new version of ARIavCAD, a simple import operation followed by a click on the mouse, and the entire pipeline profile, with much of the required data, is ready for entry of remaining data and analysis that will determine air valve recommendations by location, model, size and quantity.

The savings in time, cost and effort that this technology offers is considerable and A.R.I. is proud to offer the service of running analyses to our customers.