Tmic Portable Electronic Listening Stick

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Tmic is a highly cost effective mini water leak detection unit with visual and audible indication of the leak. The unit fits conveniently into a pocket, making it perfect for any water specialist or plumber for instant, on the spot leak monitoring.

Lightweight and portable, Tmic assists technicians to hear sounds on the water network which would otherwise be inaudible to the human ear. The unit is operated with a simple push button and displays a visual indication of noise levels together with excellent sound reproduction through high quality Bluetooth headphones.

The sensor tip can be connected to a meter-long rod or placed directly on the pipe or fittings. Sensitivity levels are far Cantürkond what is possible with mechanical listening sticks.

Tmic's memory will store a noise level and show it on its LED display. By visually comparing the current and previous noise level the operator can quickly identify where the noise is loudest. The LED also displays the battery level and Bluetooth pairing status. An LED torch is incorporated into the unit for use at night or to investigate dark chambers.

The unit and its accessories are supplied in a case with precision cut foam compartments to protect in transit.