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SMARTLog is an innovative and feature rich radio enabled data logger designed specifically for monitoring water network pressures. Completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered it can be used in both lift-and-shift and permanent pressure logging applications.

SMARTLog can store up to 32,768 pressure readings, providing on board storage of 48 weeks historic data at 15-minute logging intervals.


Once deployed, SMARTLog allows users to remotely acquire logged data via a robust 2-way radio link negating the need to physically access the logger. This remote data acquisition functionality offers users a significant improvement in health and safety, as well significant reductions in the 'per logger cost' of data retrieval, when compared to manual downloads.

Data download is fast and efficient. One month of data at 15-minute intervals can be wirelessly downloaded in 10-12 seconds.


SMARTLog's lift-and-shift capability is designed for rapid deployment, allowing users to distribute SMARTLog's into distribution systems, quickly identify areas of interest and then re-deploy the loggers into another area. All previously downloaded data is backed up to SMARTLog's data management software, SMART Patrol.


  • Network Modelling
  • High accuracy for network modelling applications
  • District Monitoring
  • Highly economical and well suited to connection to network where telemetry is not desirable or appropriate
  • Pressure Reducing Valve Logging
  • Can be used to monitor PRV performance