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HWM's world leading Patroller II system enables data transmitted by Permalog+ leak noise loggers to be collected wirelessly in a moving patrol vehicle. The dedicated radio receiver is equipped with a rechargeable battery, leak alarm and LED display for battery life and communication status.

The Patroller II can be set up and operated using a PC or laptop running dedicated software (PC not provided). This removes the requirement of having to program and retrieve data using a PDA device before uploading it to a separate PC for analysis. Naturally, the PDA option is still available if required, but the new software can now perform both tasks, enabling the complete operation to be performed with a single PC/laptop. This enables data to be entered on a keyboard rather than a stylus, which is quicker and easier.

The software improves the user experience further by incorporating an intuitive user interface that enables users to use simple drag and click options to set up patrol windows and logging times. Multiple loggers can now be set up simultaneously and settings can now be saved and loaded, enabling complete District Metered Areas to be set up quickly and efficiently.

The large graphical display screen makes viewing incoming data much easier during the patrol. The user can view detailed information from each logger in graphical and table format. The data presentation screen is fully customizable, allowing users to select exactly which information is displayed during a patrol. A wide range of data fields are available – including serial number, location details, level and spread, leak status, patrol time, address and GPS coordinates.