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LoLog R is a high specification data logger which features radio downloads and programming. Compact, IP68 and battery powered it is designed for portable use and can be supplied in single or dual channel variants. The analogue channel can be used for internal pressure, external pressure or 4-20mA. A digital channel is available for flow or status data. The dual option combines one analogue and one digital channel.

PIT - LoLog R incorporates a high level of features including Pulse Interval Timing to establish accurate recording of minimum flow. The unit can store up to 262,000 readings in non-volatile memory as standard, with the option to extend to 1 million readings.


The high speed radio download and programming allows flexibility not available with conventional portable loggers. The user does not need to be in direct contact with the logger so can download outside the meter pit, or from a vehicle. This means that hazardous areas, roads, or 2 man lifts can be avoided increasing the speed and safety or data gathering.


LoLog R is fully compatible with Radwin software so data can be combined with other current and historical Radcom Loggers.


USB Receiver: Small light weight data collection device for use with LologR