PermaLOG Software

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HWM's Permalog® system enables water suppliers to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in the water network. Our PermaLOG software interprets data from each logger and presents a detailed visual overview of their location and status using the Google® online mapping tool.

This enables the clear identification of potential leak sites, enabling huge savings can be made as leakage teams can now be deployed to targeted areas in order to reduce leak run time quickly and efficiently.

Data can be collected manually when loggers are moved between locations (a survey operation known as Lift&Shift). Alternatively, their long battery life enables them to remain below ground in a fixed network for long periods and transmit data automatically either to a passing patrol vehicle (Drive By) or via Radio or SMS Repeater directly to the office. (PermaNet).

Data can be retrieved from PC, PDA, Modem or via HWM DataGate. The software integrates both radio and SMS Repeater based PermaNet collection systems, to create a powerful system that supplies timely, effective leak location information for the cost effective management of areas with high levels of leakage or access/security issues.

By assigning each logger with its unique GPS location as it is deployed on the pipe, the software can easily filter the data received from each logger according to its position, leak status or collection strategy.

The online mapping system clearly shows the location of any potential leak sites, and the history of each logger can be displayed in tabular or graphical form, enabling detailed reports to be generated and passed to leakage teams for further investigation, making the software an essential tool in the fight against water leakage.