Permalog GPS Mapping

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The Permalog Patroller Leak Detection system now incorporates the latest Microsoft MapPoint technology to enable the location of each Permalog unit to be recorded with GPS accuracy on detailed mapping software. Deployment of the loggers is now simpler, quicker and error free. There is no longer any need for operators to manually mark logger locations on paper maps since the process of recording locations can now take place automatically.

As each new logger is deployed, the operator uses a hand held Bluetooth scanner to identify and log its unique serial number. This data is then exported into the Permalog PC program where a link to the pre-installed Microsoft MapPoint software plots the logger positions using GPS co-ordinates automatically onto the map. This enables the precise location of each deployed Permalog to be quickly and easily located. This can be used for both permanent and survey operations and gives peace of mind to the hardware owner. It also confirms that Permalog units have been deployed at the correct locations.

A database shows the precise locations of each Permalog unit. Each is indicated by a flag - green for no-leak and red for leak. The flag can be clicked on to display all previous history (previous patrols). The serial number, level and spread are displayed next to the logger.

GPS Mapping permits the operator to conduct a quick analysis of leak positions and problem areas. It significantly reduces the risk of losing or forgetting the installation locations of the deployed loggers.

Microsoft MapPoint is currently available throughout North America, the UK and most of Europe.