DataGate Web Hosted Data Server

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HWM's web hosted data server that provides a comprehensive and secure remote data handling solution. Designed to handle large volumes of SMS/GPRS traffic from commercial data loggers, the system enables rapid transmission of data by sending it in a file format which is converted to secure data stream. This eliminates the problem of sending the data as an email which can be blocked by IT firewalls and SPAM filters. There is also no longer a requirement for a host modem (another traditional weak point of a remote handling system) as all data transfer now takes place via the internet.


DataGate enables data to be received quickly, conveniently, and reliably for viewing at HWM-Online or with another web based data management system. Detailed message transmissions can be provided which can be used to assist with diagnostics. For example, DataGate can automatically compile a list of quiet loggers that have failed to report over a user-defined period, enabling further investigation.

Information can be received from all mobile networks via several different methods including FTP, VMN, and modem. On receipt of an alarm, DataGate sends an automatic text message or email alert to multiple users as required to enable quick action when necessary. The system will even receive and store data from loggers it does not recognize, then adds this information to the logger when it is set up.

The system displays the credit remaining for each logger in real-time, thereby removing the need for separate billing. It will also send an automatic alarm when credit is low. Multiple accounts can be set up allowing data from groups of loggers to be made available to different users. The system allows customers to easily integrate logger data received in DataGate with their own corporate system.