Radwin Software

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Radwin software is the generic term for an extensive range of software modules and specialist applications designed and supported by Halma Water Management (HWM-Water Ltd) for their Radcom range of data loggers.

Radwin has been developed and revised over the last 20 years, and is today widely recognised within the water industry as being the market leading data logging support software solution. The software offers a single package that can control and monitor critical systems.

Radwin offers icon driven communications, data storage and graphing for the acquisition of data from loggers and controllers. It is ideal for setting up and downloading data from any HWM Radcom data logger on site using a Laptop PC, in the office using a desktop PC, or via PSTN or GSM/SMS telemetry links. Radwin provides a simple to use extensive graphing package for data analysis with windowing and zooming functionality. Data can also be examined in table format on screen, or exported into other packages.

Radwin communicates automatically with HWM DataGate and can be configured to work with an existing FTP site if required. The software and loggers can also be linked to a POP3 email server so that data can be sent directly via email, which the software will automatically import into the database.

HWM has adopted a continuous review and update philosophy based on feedback from operational users, resulting in regular releases of the software, adding enhancements and solutions. The latest software release is available for download at the HWM website.