Overflow Monitor

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HWM's simple but highly effective Overflow Monitor works by detecting and recording the "shorting" across two electrodes caused by rising or falling fluid levels.

This can be easily used to record and trigger alarms in a wide range of situations, including

  • Overflows in reservoirs, rivers, tanks and open channels
  • Detection of a given level in a tank, pipe or conduit
  • Spillages
  • Flooding
  • Drought conditions
The system can be configured to record as "normal" a dry or a wet state, thereby being equally effective in detecting that fluids have dropped below a required level. Connected to a HWM data logger and using Winfluid software, the event logging facility allows recording and analysis of time and duration occurrence.

A large range of manual and telemetry loggers are available from HWM. Both types of logger are capable of recording the time and duration of each event.

In addition, telemetry loggers give an effective remote alarming system to an office computer and mobile telephone, thereby enabling effective action to be taken immediately.

The Overflow Monitor is fully compatible with HWM's LoLog 450, LoLog Vista+, Multilog LX and Octopus data loggers.