Leak Pinpointing

After a potential leak area has been identified using leak localisation techniques, the next step for the leakage team deployed to the area is to identify the precise location of the leak prior to digging. 

Digging holes in the ground that don't expose the leak (known as dry holes) is a very costly and time consuming process, and an effective leak pinpointing strategy will help to keep these to the minimum.

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Leak Correlation

Sensors are deployed at each end of the pipe under investigation.  The time taken for the leak noise to travel to each sensor is calculated and used to calculate the precise location of the leak. 

Ground Microphones 

Above ground equipment designed to amplify the noise generated by water escaping from buried supply pipes under pressure. 

Customer Side Leakage

Leaks on the customer side of the meter can be difficult and time consuming to identify using acoustic based leak detection technology.  HWM supplies a range of innovative equipment designed primarily to identify customer side leakage.