Automated Meter Reading AMR/AMI

We have brought water networks metering to a new level with its Dialog3G AMR/AMI system. Dialog3G AMR/AMI system is the most advanced water metering solution available worldwide. The Dialog3G is capable of addressing all types of water metering networks--from waterworks networks and remote sites to domestic networks. Dialog3G AMR/AMI systems provide intelligent metering. Transmitting meters are read in frequent intervals. Alert conditions such as disconnected meters, leaks and reverse flow are immediately detected--in addition to collecting the meter reading. The Dialog3G AMR/AMI system ensures you has information of what’s happening in your water you should place the text about the safe use of the network The Dialog3G AMR/AMI system sets new standards in reliability. It is also purely wireless.

There is no physical wiring setup in the Dialog3G AMI system. When setting up an advanced water metering network there are various challenges. Arad Technology offers diverse and unique solutions to accommodate these challenges, such as remote meter reading, accurate reading of low flow rates, conversion of conventional or wired meters to Dialog 3G AMR/AMI technology and much more.