Energy Management

For over two decades, Radio-Tech has pioneered the development of RF based wireless monitoring solutions for Energy Management applications. We are considered the technology partner of choice for many of the UK and Europe's leading data collection and carbon management service providers.

Our market leading solutions provide our partners with the 'near-real-time' data that they need to help their customers to eliminate waste, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. We are committed to our partners and work hard to help them realise their goals through the on-going design and development of creative and innovative data collection and remote monitoring technologies.


Our range of products include transmitters and sensors for multi-utility including ATEX, temperature, humidity, open/close, CO2 and movement (PIR) applications, which can be integrated into existing BMS systems via Pulse or Modbus receivers, or sent off-site via our GPRS, Wi-Fi or Ethernet gateways to drive 3rd party applications and near-real-time displays.

In addition to Fixed Network systems, our product portfolio also includes a market leading suite of  Data Loggers, which offer a robust and cost-effective means of monitoring single-point applications. Data is provided in a ½ hourly CSV format, in-line with the industry standard.

How it Works

Wireless transmitters are fitted strategically around a building to monitor not only the incoming supply, but also the internal distribution of energy via sub-meters, to identify areas of high use or points or interest. Once deployed, data is transmitted into existing Building Management Systems (BMS) or sent off-site to 3rd party applications via our Wi5 Data Hub, using GPRS, Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Our market leading battery powered aM&T hardware solutions are non-invasive, making them suitable for both new and retro-fit installations. As our technology has been designed to be simple-to-use and easy-to-install, deployment time on-site is reduced to a minimum, reducing the overall cost of ownership and increasing roll-out efficiencies.

Our products are fully approved in the UK and Europe and are available on 434MHz, 869MHz, 153MHz (UK Only) and 169MHz ERMES band for many European Countries

Our 153MHz and 169MHz solutions are considered to 'best in class' for remote monitoring applications. This is primarily due to their superior output power that allows us to transmit data up to 2km point-to-point and re-broadcast that data on a further 10km using our high-powered repeaters . This is all achieved without compromising battery life, which is still offered as 10-years.

This market leading USP has made our Economise suite of products the obvious choice for monitoring ports, airports, universities, schools, hospitals, holiday parks and indeed any medium to large commercial premises, which can sometimes prove problematic for less powerful systems.

Key Benefits

  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to use and install
  • Market leading suite of transmitters and sensors
  • 2 km range 153MHz exclusive licensed frequency for the UK
  • 2 km range 169MHz ERMES Band for Europe
  • Integrates easily with existing BMS or 3rd Party Applications
  • Fixed Network and Data Logging solutions
  • Near-real-time data provision

For more information on the system please click the links below:


  • Ecosafe - ATEX approved pulse transmitter for use on ATEX meters
  • Ecopure - Water pulse transmitter
  • Ecochirp VHF - Pulse transmitter, can be used with electricity, water and gas meters
  • Ecochirp UHF - Pulse transmitter, can be used with electricity, water and gas meters
  • Ecosense - Intelligent temperature sensor
  • Tempsense Plus - Intelligent temperature and humidity sensor

Data Loggers

  • MultiLog LX GPRS - Flexible data logger with up to two digital flow input capabilities and one analogue input option, internal antenna and GPRS telemetry
  • MultiLog GPRS - Data logger with up to four input channels for monitoring any combination of digital or analogue signals and transmitting via GPRS


  • USB Receiver - The universal USB receiver has been designed to provide a complete solution for either fixed or mobile data collection 
  • Pulse Receiver - Permits meter readings from up to 8 transmitters to be interfaced into a 3rd part data loggers, PLC's or metering systems.
  • Modbus Receiver - Modbus receiver is designed to respond to a Modbus Master in the RTU Mode. It detects all the transmitters and keeps them in memory as required by the Modbus protocol

Data Concentrators

  • RT:Wi5 - Central data collection device, can single handily manage hundreds of transmitters