Data Analysis

data analysis radwin

We have developed sophisticated reporting systems to collect and display data from our Radcom range of loggers quickly, securely and reliably.


Radwin is a market leading software support solution for Radcom loggers.  It is ideal for setting up loggers and downloading data and can be used to control and monitor critical systems. 

The software provides easy to use but extensive data analysis options with advanced graphical presentation.  Data can also be displayed in table format and quickly exported into third party software if required.

Web Hosted Data Server

HWM have a secure web hosted data server that provides a comprehensive remote data handling solution.  DataGate is designed to receive large volumes of SMS/GPRS data traffic from Radcom telemetry loggers. The system enables rapid transmission of data and does not require a host modem, since all data transfer now takes place via the internet.  Data can be received from all mobile networks.   

DataGate enables data to be received quickly, securely and reliably for immediate and convenient on line viewing.  Alternatively, data can be exported easily into software packages or third party reporting systems as required. 

Online Viewer

HWM Online is a secure web based reporting tool that provides immediate access to flow data received in DataGate.  The password protected website presents requested meter data as a graphical display and in table format which can then be exported as a .csv file or converted into a spreadsheet. 

Historical data can be compared with current results, thereby identifying water losses and calculating savings.

For more information, please click on the following links:

  • Radwin – Dedicated software solution for Radcom data loggers  
  • DataGate -  Secure web hosted data server
  • HWM Online - Provides immediate online access to flow data