Environmental Monitoring

HWM supplies equipment to monitor the environment in remote and inaccessible conditions and transmit data directly to sophisticated software for analysis. 

Ultrasonic Level Measurement

Ultrasonic level sensors are used for non-contact level sensing of water, highly viscous liquids and bulk solids.  When positioned above the level to be monitored, the sensor emits a high frequency acoustic wave that is reflected back to and detected by the emitting transducer.  They are widely used in water treatment applications for pump control and open channel flow measurement.   

Sonic Sens ultrasonic level or flow sensor is ideal for monitoring rivers, open channels, tanks and overflows. The sensor has no direct contact with the liquid so is ideal for waste water level monitoring.  Intrinsically safe ATEX rated systems are available for use in sewers and other hazardous areas. 

Low power electronics provide up to five years battery life at a two minute sample rate and an intelligent self diagnostic mode and echo loss alarm minimize the need for site visits.   The versatile sensor is easily mounted and can connect to a Radcom data logger to transmit data for immediate analysis.

Data Logging with Satellite Telemetry

HWM have created a telemetry data logger that can successfully transmit data from remote locations where there is no PSTN/GSM coverage. 

Senator+ is a multi channel data logger designed to monitor flow, pressure, level and other water quality parameters in remote locations with no mains power or mobile phone coverage. 

Batteries are recharged by a solar panel and the system uses a satellite modem for data communications, making it ideal for use at reservoirs, treatment works, pumping stations and other remote assets. 

Overflow Monitoring

The Overflow Monitor works by detecting the "shorting" across two electrodes caused by rising or falling fluid levels.  When connected to a Radcom telemetry data logger, the device can be used to trigger automatic alarms to notify water operatives of overflows, spillages, flooding and drought conditions. 

Chlorine Analysis

Water networks must be regularly monitored within the distribution network.  HWM supply an automated system which provides regular continuous monitoring and transmits data via GSM telemetry. 

Athenea is an amperometric chlorine analyser which enables continuous chlorine monitoring at specific points in the distribution network without the need for external electrical power.  Robust, waterproof and highly accurate, the system can be connected to a Radcom data logger to provide GSM/SMS communication. 

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