Portable Data Logging

Data logging is a vital part of any water management strategy. They are used to monitor and store parameters in the water supply and distribution network. These can include flow, water pressure, level, and water quality (e.g. chlorine, PH, & turbidity). 

Data loggers enable suppliers to gather important information on their network performance, from which they can plan network expansion, identify pressure zones and monitor District Metered Areas. In addition, they can be used to create network models, ensure regulatory compliance, measure leakage and verify the performance of Pressure Reducing Valves. 

Some data loggers have the facility to communicate these parameters to a central or remote data collection unit so that trends can be observed.  Click here for more information on our range of Telemetry Data Loggers

HWM manufactures the world leading range of portable Radcom data loggers, which are used to read meters and other monitoring devices and record the information ready for manual download. They enjoy an excellent reputation across the world for reliability and accuracy. 

All Radcom portable loggers are completely waterproof, submersible and battery powered and will require no maintenance for at least five years.  With a battery life expectancy of five years in normal use, and extended memory options the loggers can be left unattended until data is required for download, which can be performed on site via a USB lead or infra-red interface into a PC or PDA. 

Pressure Transient Logginglolog 450 portable data logger

The Pressure Transient logger records data up to 25 times per second in order to clearly identify pressure transient spikes, which are a major cause of bursts and the associated expense of repair, water loss and interruptions to supply. Conventional loggers do not log rapidly enough to identify these transients which often last only seconds. 

Flow and/or Pressure Logging

The LoLog 450 and LoLof LL/Vista range of loggers are highly flexible, cost effective and can be quickly programmed using our Radwin software to record flow and/or pressure.  Each device incorporates a wide range of features including Pulse Interval Timing to establish accurate recording of minimum flow. They are equipped with multiple logging modes including "Cyclic Logging", "Stop when Full",  "Start and Stop" and "Event Logging".

  • LoLog 450; a single or dual channel data logger that measures flow and/or pressure and is fully submersible with a 5 year battery life.
  • LoLog LL/Vista Data Logger with two input channels. Vista has LCD display
  • Pressure Transient Specialised logger for monitoring rapid pressure changes