New Product: Touch Correlator for precise pinpointing

Halma Water Management (HWM) has released an Automated Filter Intelligence System (AFIS) for its Touch correlator. The new feature further increases the correlator’s ability to accurately pinpoint leaks.

Touch uses information gathered from acoustic leak noise sensors placed at intervals along a pipeline to identify and locate leaks in a water distribution system. Due to the number of unknown variables that can change the frequency of leak noise, accurate results depend upon using the correct noise filter setting. While most correlators include default filter settings for different pipe materials and sizes, Touch’s AFIS automatically runs 55 different filter combinations on the correlation data. This allows Touch to check the quality of the results and optimize filter settings as required, until the clearest and most accurate result is presented.

Touch is the first standalone correlator with a VGA touch screen for maximum visible screen area and easy data entry. A new High Contrast mode is now available to provide clear visibility in bright sunshine. The unit’s compact charging case carries and protects all components while allowing the base station and outstations to be charged from a single power source.